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Granny Square Satchel

I used Scheepjes Catona 100% cotton to make my granny square satchel bag. I used a 3mm hook.

I made granny squares with 4 rounds - each round was a different colour. I only put CH1 in between the corner (3DC) clusters and no chains anywhere else. I wanted the granny squares to have the smallest gaps. I tried to make each squares different by alternating the colours. I made 84 squares in total. 

I made 3 different sections. 

1. The satchel front - made of 5 x 4 rows 

2. The satchel back and flap 5 x 8 rows

3. The satchel strap 1 x 24 squares.

The squares are joined together in rows by placing the wrong sides of the square together and making a SC through BOTH loops on each square. Make 1SC in each CH1 space. Once all the squares are joined together make a SC border around the outside of the panel with (SC, CH1, SC) in the corners. 


Join the strap onto the front panel of the bag by sc through both loops on both squares. Make (3SC) in the bottom corners as indicated in the photo. Once you've joined the panel to the strap make 1SC along the outer edge of the strap.


Join the back panel in the same way but only make a SC in both loops of both squares up to top of the front panel. Make a 1SC border around the front flat with (3SC) in the bottom corners.

20220726_145214 (1).jpg
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