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Unicorn Dreams Bag


I've seen a lot of the granny square bags on social media lately and I wanted to make my own version. I used the squares from the unicorn dreams blanket and cushion. I love how bright and fun it is.  I'm going to be adding the pattern and step by step tutorial soon. 

Unicorn Dreams Blanket -New Patterns!


For Christmas I made my daughter this different version of the Unicorn Dreams Blanket. (The original Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL is further down the page). This time I added Fondant  (darker pink) into the colour palette and some gold thread. This blanket has only 14 bobble hearts and I made her name in bobble stitch (I've put the letter patterns below).

Here are some of the alterations I made to the original blanket. 

  • 2 heart balloons squares but on the one square I arranged the hearts into a fan shape. 

  • 2 cloud squares but I added an extra round of SC edging.

  • 2 ice cream squares in different colours.

  • Sleeping unicorn square in Fondant.

  • Purple Rose square in rainbow colours.

  • I added new designs - more unicorns, moon, shooting star, sweets, ice cream, lollipop, kite, party rings and a rainbow flower. 

  • I joined with the same flat braid join as the original blanket. 

  • For the border I did one round of candy floss HDC. Then the stripes as in the original only 4 rounds. (fondant, candyfloss, white, candyfloss).

  • the edging I use fondant and did *(SLST, CH3, SC), skip a ST and repeat * around giving a gentle picot border.

For the original patterns see the CAL weeks further down the page.

The new extra Unicorn Dreams pattern bundle can be purchased from Ravelry or Esty. Please see links below. 


Unicorn Dreams Stocking


This is my Unicorn Dreams Stocking. For this you will need any 8 squares. I choose the squares above. I added some gold thread to the sweets. The lollipop square I made rainbow background square. The hearts tree I used the rainbow hearts patterns but arranged the hearts into a tree shape and used the gold thread to make a star burst shape on the yellow heart. 

How to make the Stocking .....

Anchor 1

Unicorn Dreams Blanket -Week 1


Welcome to the Unicorn Dreams CAL. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing all the patterns I created and used to create this blanket.

For this blanket I used Stylecraft special DK yarn in the following colours:

Candyfloss, Apricot, Lemon, Spring green, Sherbet, Clematis, Wisteria, White with a small amount of black for the facial features.

I used  4 balls of white wool. Just over a ball of candyfloss and apricot. I used between half and three quarters of a ball of the remaining colours. The blanket weighed 970g altogether.

I used a 3mm and 4mm hook.

Tension is 19 stitches x 11 rows = 10cm using 4mm hook (working in rows of DC (UK TR) )

I crochet quite tight so my squares measured approx 12cm x12cm.

The squares are all made separately and then joined together with a continuous flat braid join. I made 49 squares but you can choose to pick and mix whichever squares you like.


The overall weight of the blanket was approx. 970g and it measured 107cm x107cm.

Click on the tabs below to download the patterns or links.

Click on the YouTube icons to view video tutorials of those patterns

See smaller versions I've made at the bottom of the page.

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Unicorn Dreams Blanket -Week 2


Welcome to week 2. This week there are 2 different granny heart squares. I've used a combination of SC and DC rows so that the squares have a different look to them.

There is also the sweet dreams cloud with its rainbow raindrops. Again this is a slightly different variation of the block granny square, as I wanted each square to have a different look.

This week I have also included the butterfly square. The butterfly pattern was one that I purchased from Gloriousunique, I just loved the shape of the butterflies. The pattern is easy to follow and includes step by step photos. If  you don't want to purchase this pattern, you can either double up on one of the other squares or there are plenty of free butterfly patterns online.

Once again don't forget to tag me in your photos on Instagram #unicorndreamsblanketcal,  or post them on my Facebook page as I absolutely love seeing your creations. 


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Unicorn Dreams Blanket -Week 3


Welcome to week 3.

This week there are five patterns, three are free ones. The balloon appliques are by Kara of petalstopicots, this is just a fun touch to add to one of the squares. The fab5flower patterns is by Kela of sistersinstitch. I love this pattern as it looks so detailed but is made up of only 5 rounds. Kela has also made a video tutorial to go alongside the pattern. The star pattern is by Helen of Sewsewbaby, again a quick and easy to make pattern which was perfect for the shooting star square.

The granny squares are a little different this time as you turn them every round. It just gives the squares a slightly different appearance and texture. I've also included a small bobble square this week ready to prepare you for next week, as there will be a lot of bobbles to make then! Please check the notes about the colour changes and carry the sherbet yarn along the row when making the clouds.

You only need to make one of each square.

Happy crocheting!


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Unicorn CAL-week 2

Unicorn Dreams Blanket Week 4 & 5


Welcome to week 4 & 5.

I'm away for two weeks so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the bobble heart pattern. You will need to make 25 of the bobble heart squares, so I have given two weeks to make these. They will have different colour borders to create the diagonal strip effect in the blanket.  Please read the notes on how to achieve the colour changes, making sure that you make the bobble on the wrong side and you always keep the yarn tail facing you.

There may be a delay in answering any messages over the next two weeks and I apologise in advance for that.

Happy crocheting! 



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I made some bobble letter squares for my daughter Darcy's blanket. Click on the links below to download the letter charts. 

darcy name.jpg
Unicorn CAL-week 3

Unicorn Dreams Blanket Week 6


Week 6. Its all  about the purple colour!

This week I've included a paid pattern for the large unicorn from fancyinfancycrochet. If you don't want to buy the pattern you could double up on one of the other squares. These also a free pattern from 3amgracedesigns. I've used the unicorn applique from their unicorn snow globe pattern to make the siting unicorn square. The rest of the patterns are mine.  My favourite is the happy rainbow square. Everyone needs a happy rainbow in their life right? Hooked by Robin has also started making YouTube tutorials for some of the squares. This week she has released a tutorial for the balloon hearts square. I will attach a link to the YouTube button at the top of the page.

Next week I will released the final patterns and in week 8 share the joining method and border. I hope your all enjoying the CAL so far.

Lisa x

Dec 2020 edit - the sitting unicorn pattern is no longer free from 3amgracedesigns - it is now available as a paid unicorn snow globe  pattern on the same page.

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Unicorn CAL-week 4&5

Unicorn Dreams Blanket Week 7


Welcome to week 7.

This is the last week of patterns. This week there is one free pattern of the very cute happy sun by @yarnhandmade. The rest of the patterns are mine. This includes my very favourite the sleepy unicorn head, I hope you like this one as much as I do! There are also more bobble designs in the shape of a heart and bow. Finally I have included the popular unicorn face square that everyone can relate to. 

Next week will be the final week of the CAL; that will include the joining and the border of the  blanket.

Don't forget to keep tagging me in your photos! #unicorndreamsblanketcal


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Unicorn CAL-week 6
Unicorn CAL-week 7

Unicorn Dreams Blanket Week 8


Welcome to  Week 8. The final week of the Unicorn Dreams CAL.

This week is for the join and border of the blanket. I have chosen the continuous flat braid join to join all the different squares together. This is a quick and easy join that really complements the blanket. It is also great at hiding any inconsistencies in the stitch count! The join is then followed by a rainbow band border and finally finished with a white shell border which reminds me of little clouds.

I have really enjoyed putting this CAL together ,although it has been a bit stressful at times! (I really under estimated how much time it takes to write a pattern up). I hope you have all enjoyed taking part. I love seeing all of your photos of your squares and hopefully soon the finished blanket.

Please keep tagging me in your pics on Facebook and Instagram #unicorndreamsblanket cal.

I am in the process of designing a matching cushion that will have different stitches and techniques in it compared  to the blanket.

Happy crocheting 

Lisa x

P.S. If you fancy buying me a coffee for all the hard work and late nights I've put in for this CAL, I would be very grateful!

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Smaller Versions


This is one of the smaller blankets I made. It measures approx 84cm x 84cm.

This one is a mixture of the unicorn blanket and cushion squares. As the cushion squares are larger I made them using the next hook size down but never going smaller than a 2mm hook.

So if the pattern required a 4mm - I used a 3mm.

If it required a 2.5mm or 2mm hook - I used a 2mm hook for both.

I slightly loosened my tension on the blanket squares so that all my squares were around 14cm each. I joined it with the flat braid join but skipped extra stitches between the chains for the cushion squares.

The strawberry squares I made from this YouTube video. I made french knots for the seeds.

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If you've been intimidated by the large Unicorn Blanket, I've just finished this smaller version. This one is made up of 25 squares (so at lot less ends to sew in!). It measures approximately 83cm x83cm, so perfect for a baby or even a lap blanket. The join and border is exactly the same, so this might be a great size to do if you don't fancy making the full size version.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who bought me a coffee! I didn't expect anyone to, so it really means a lot to me. Thank you again!

Unicorn CAL - week 8

Unicorn Dreams Cushion


I hope you enjoyed making the Unicorn Dreams Blanket.

I've designed a matching cushion. The cushion takes a 22 inch insert or you can make a smaller version by using smaller sized hooks.

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