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Safari Blanket


Here is my new Safari Blanket Pattern. (Originally I planned it to be a jungle blanket - but the more it evolved - I realised that not all of these animals were found in the jungle),  so hence my Safari Blanket was created. 

The blanket has 25 squares - 13 animal/ bird squares. All the squares have small leaves worked into the corners. I do love a bit of texture!

I did make intarsia leaf squares - but released that these may be a bit difficult for some crocheters - so I added an applique version of leaves to the pattern also. 

20220817_083942 (1).jpg

I tried to make my pattern as easy to follow as possible so there are a lot of repeats throughout. For example the animals head and body and feet all follow the same pattern. The background squares are all the same, and the same leaf corners are repeated throughout. 

The blanket measures approx 100cm x 100cm. I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn and a 4mm hook. 

20220813_174218 (1).jpg
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