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It's all about the crowns!

I created this pattern last year, this year I've finally wrote it up and added a few extras. I wanted a pattern that was easy to follow with as little sewing as possible! (Not an applique in sight!). Once I made the checkerboard version I wanted to make a matching cushion. Once that was completed I fancied doing a blanket of the same pattern. I'd forgotten how nice it is to work on a granny square again, something that I can do whilst watching TV in the evenings and not worry about counting the stitches. Then one pattern turned into 3!

Whilst waiting very impatiently for a yarn delivery I started creating a chunky cowl ready for the cold weather that seems to approaching. I used Schjeepes Chunky Monkey initially which is lovely silky aran to work with, then I made a few versions using Chunky yarn. This cowl uses the crossed DC which is my favourite stitch at the moment in conjunction with HDC and SC stitches. The pattern can be found on the free patterns page on my website.

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Edith Alvarado
Edith Alvarado
05 sept 2020

Omg this is gorgeous!

Me gusta
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