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Jonah & the Whale

I made this blanket a little while ago for a really special baby who was born with heart problems. As his name was Jonah, I thought a little blanket with a cute whale would be perfect for him. I'm happy to say that Jonah is over 6 months old now, is a beautiful bouncing baby and doing really well.

I thought I'd share my design process with you.

Firstly I started drawing more animated whale shapes until I was happy with one. Then I re- drew it to the actual size I wanted it to be. I used this as a template, crocheting the shape and checking it against the template, undoing and redoing stitches until it fitted perfectly. (I have a lot of whale appliques in my design drawer now 😁). I knew that I wanted this blanket to be a quick and easy make so I started with the basic granny square. Then I added the ombre band, but wanted it to be more textured so it would have that rippled effect. That's where the front post stitches come in. I kept repeating this until was happy with the size. For the border it just had to be a wave edge - right? Anyway I'm really pleased with how it turned out and it has been lovely to see photos of Jacob all snuggled in his little whale blanket. I hope you like it too. 🐳🐳🐳. (the free pattern can be found on my free patterns page).


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2 hozzászólás

2023. márc. 14.

Would love to create this afghan. I am searching for it.


Mehreen Khorasanee
Mehreen Khorasanee
2021. júl. 11.

It’s so beautiful n I admire your compassion for the baby May God bless him with infinite health soon

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