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More gorgeous chunky roses!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

For this version I made 16 of the 3D roses as before using

A 4.5mm hook and stylecraft special dk in grape, cream and pale rose. The green is cygnet dk in Kiwi.

For the leaves I made * (3DCTOG ch5, 3DCTOG) in the middle DC of the last row of petals. Then CH5 and SC in the middle stitch of the next petal, CH5, then repeat *.

Using Cream make *(3DC, CH2, 3DC) in the CH5 corner space between the leaves. Then make 4DC around the next CH space, 1DC in the SC from the previous round, 4DC around the next CH5. Repeat *.

Using Pale Rose make (3DC, CH2, 3DC) in the corner space make 3DC in between every 3DC from previous round.

Join all squares together using the continuous granny square join.

I did a ruffle border using this pattern

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1 Comment

This is absolutely beautiful! When I go to the uTube video cited, the flower looks slightly different, more square in the middle and not as much like a Rose. How did you get this to look the way it does? I drew a name for Christmas and she loves purple and so I want to make this in lavender and maybe a slightly darker purple but want the finished result to look like a Rose like it does here.

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