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More New Patterns - Its Been a Busy Few Months!

Well its been a busy couple of months - as seen in my previous post I finally finished the long standing Ship Ahoy pattern. This month my New Arrival pattern is finished and has been tested. I also created my first ever mosaic crochet pattern - making my Home Is Where You Craft Place Mat & Coaster set. I had never tried mosaic crochet before and I can't believe how easy it is. Only two stitches - SC and DC create such a lovely effect. I really want to try out more complex designs now - so that's another on my to do list.


I've been plodding on with my New Year's resolution of trying to finish as many of my WIP's as possible this year. I just completed a slightly smaller version of my Multi Vehicle Blanket using Hobbii Kind feather. I started this one about a year ago - so it was a small achievement to finish it and now I have a bit more space in my wool room! Next on my list is an unfinished Safari blanket - all the animals are made and about two thirds of the squares. Anybody else trying to finish any of those back of the drawer projects this year?

I've also been working on a few new patterns that I going to be listing on the free section of my site. These include my Beach themed mitts - full of textured stitches that represent different sections of the beach. My little gifts bags that were published in Your knitting and Crocheting last year. By next week I will also put my Spring/ Easter bunting. I know its a bit late but it will be ready for next year! I'm currently working on another little project that is quick and easy to do and will make a lovely little gift - details to be revealed soon.

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