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New Year, New Patterns!

I'm pleased to say that my Not Your Grandma's Quilt! pattern is finally released! I finished the pattern over Christmas. Since then it has been rigorously tested my my lovely bunch of pattern testers and I even made some You Tube tutorials to go along with it. That was an eye opener - let's just say that the videoing does not come naturally and any tips would be greatly received!

I've been trying to be more organised this year - but also taking a bit of time away from the crochet and go on more outdoor adventures with my daughters. As a crocheter you probably know that it can be all consuming - that just one more row - can suddenly turn into extra hours. You look up and realise that you haven't moved an inch in hours! Don't get me wrong I absolutely love crocheting and it does wonders for my mental health but I do want to spend more time outdoors. Lately we have been choosing a different woodland or forest trail every weekend to explore.

Okay so what projects am I working on next --- I have a few that are in the pipe line so to speak!

A construction blanket is currently underway - with each square having a different construction vehicle or sign on it. I'm also planning a heart themed blanket with a variety of different heart patterns and techniques. The Gardener's delight bag is currently being tested and will be available soon. I've also been updating my rainbow rose blanket and adding a hearts version onto my spring has sprung blanket. As I'm typing this I'm realising how many projects I have on the go!

Don't forget my Valentine's Gnome and Easter Duo are free patterns on my website!

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