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Square Sizes!

I've been asked lots of questions about the size of the squares. I have tried to keep the squares around the same size , but some will be marginally smaller. The flat braid join will hide that. If your squares have a big difference in size, it may be worth remaking them with a smaller hook. I crochet quite tight and my squares measure around 12cm x 12cm.

To block my squares my husband made me a blocking board from an Asda wooden chopping board and some dowel rods off Ebay. I spray them with warm water , stack them up and leave them overnight.

I will put week 3 patterns up on Saturday. I hope you are all enjoying the CAL so far.

Lisa x

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3 commentaires

Lisa Hooper
Lisa Hooper
10 août 2019

Most of them different whether it a border or make a row of front/back post. I've tried to make each square slightly different. I have designed a vehicle blanket. You can see it on my Instagram page but I'm in the process of writing the patterns up.


Are all the Granny squares the same pattern or all different ?

Love you Blanket and just going to order some wool to make it, I’m not great at crochet but willing to give it a go.

Wondering if you will do a “Baby Boy” related Blanket.



Sylvie Mercier
Sylvie Mercier
05 juil. 2019

J'adore, très originale

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