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Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3......

When Hobbii asked me if I wanted to test and review some of their yarns I jumped at the chance!

I chose a selection of yarns that I had never had the opportunity to use before. If you've never heard of Hobbii - check out their website - I've added links below. They are based in Denmark but ship worldwide. I've been lucky enough to have tried lots of their yarn and I've never been disappointed. Shipping to the UK usually takes about a week to 10 days. You are constantly updated regarding your order and sent tracking information.

Hobbii asked me to provide a true and honest review so here we go!

First up I chose the Hobbii Alpaca Silk. This is a 50g ball of yarn which is 70% alpaca and 30% mulberry silk. I cannot explain how luxurious this yarn is! It has a beautiful silky texture with just a hint of fuzz on it. I decided to create a skull scarf with it.....the start of my scarf can be seen below. I chose 3 different teal shades, although the yarn does come in 30 different gorgeous colours. I really enjoyed working with this yarn - its a dream to work with. Glides easily on the hook and the scarf is so, so soft! This wool is one of the more pricier yarns - perfect for that special project. I will 100% use this yarn again in the future - I just love the feel of this one!


Secondly, I selected the Hobbii Butterfly yarn in monarch. This is a 200g, 100% premium acrylic DK yarn. There are 14 different colours to choose from.

Oh my gosh.....this wool is an absolute dream to work with. It simply glides smoothly on the hook - every crocheters dream! I used this yarn to create my butterfly asymmetrical scarf. (Free pattern coming soon!) . I used a 4.5mm hook which was perfect for this yarn. The colours are so dreamy - very muted shades. I really like the fact that each section is a completely different colour, but the palette works so well together. Out of the all of the yarns I reviewed for Hobbii this one was my absolute favourite. The finished scarf feels so soft and has a slight sheen to it. It also drapes really well. It really is simply a stunning yarn! I would rate this one 10/10!


Next up I selected the Hobbii Azalea whirl in Royal Command colour 06. This 200g whirl is 52% cotton , 48% acrylic 4ply yarn - it comes in 10 different colours.

To test this yarn I remade my Japandi scarf - pattern will be listed on Hobbii soon!. The colours are beautiful, each colour change flows effortlessly into the next one. Not all of the shades are solid colours which is really nice. The finished look is really defined and feels very firm - everything you would expect from a quality cotton yarn. The whirl consists of 4 thin strands of cotton - which gives the different shades but also made it for me, difficult to crochet with. I kept having loops appear where one of the strands didn't line up with the others. I spent more time undoing my stitches than making them. On the Hobbii website, they have included a pro tip which is before you start, run all 4 threads through a small bead, to help the threads stay together. I wish I had seen this before I started as hopefully, as that could have made a difference to my review. I have mixed feelings about this yarn, sadly at the moment I feel that this yarn isnt for me.


Next to test was the Hobbii Colorina in Memories colour 04. This is a 50g 80% acrylic, 20% wool DK yarn. This yarn is available in 12 different colours. I started making a sample using the moss stitch (see the right photos). The colours in this small ball of yarn are simply sumptuous! The strand of wool is almost twisted. It is so easy to work with and easy to undo if you've made a mistake. It has a fairly soft feel to it with that wool fuzz finish - it feels like there is more than only 20% wool in it. This one is definitely up there for the colour changes - the finished effect is very pretty. I can absolutely recommend this yarn.

Lastly I chose another gradient yarn this time Hobbii Dream in Provence - colour 21. This 100g yarn is a 2/3ply 100% wool. It comes in 21 different colour ways. This one I struggled to choose a colour as they were all so lovely! This is quite a thin yarn so I would recommend using a 3mm hook. For my sample square (I intend to make some granny square mitts with this yarn) I did use a 4mm hook which was too big. I did struggle to photograph this one to show the true colours of the yarn. Each strand has a variety of colours and the mix is very appealing and unique. The yarn feels quite soft and there is none of that scratchiness you can have with wool yarn. Again, I can definitely advocate this yarn.

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Fun Facts About Hobbii........

Hobbii is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but ships everywhere, every order you place you can earn points to use on yarnie goodies.

Every Monday at 4pm UK time there is Hobbii Bingo - yes you read that right. Bingo where you can win yarn bundles. It is free to play, you can access the bingo by signing into the Hobbi app. There are 2 games - the session lasts for about 40mins, your score card is marked automatically for you and there are 3 prizes per game. You also earn Hobbii points for playing and the host shows new yarns and patterns. Happy days!

In addition to the bingo HobbiI also has lots of competitions on their website where you can win gift cards to spend at Hobbii. See the link below

Hobbii has lots of free patterns on their website! Yay!

Let me know which is your favourite Hobbii Yarn below.......

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