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I am excited to be part of the Hobby Craft Granny Square Month CAL again this year. I really enjoyed making my Oops square - perfect for me as I'm such a klutz. After I made my square I had a lot of the knit craft cotton dk left over so I made a beach bag out of my squares. I also created some extra lollipop squares too. I can't wait to use it over the summer.

With this pattern I used coloured blocks with the number of stitches required in the blocks, I found this much easier to follow than written instructions. I will add this option to my Christmas Advent blanket pattern in the near future.

Other crochet news - I'm still finishing up putting the pattern altogether for my Safari blanket. I'm hoping to release that one in the next fortnight.

Whilst on holiday I designed a new nautical blanket. Its going to be full of striped granny squares , lots of different types of boats in lovely shades of blue.

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