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Baby its cold outside! 🥶

I don't know about you but I hate the cold weather - not great considering I live in sunny Wales! As its been freezing at the day job I decided to take in some hot water bottles for myself and my colleague. As I had recently made lots of the Cath Kidston inspired mitts, I though it would be nice to make a matching hot water bottle cover. So here it is.... 😊.

I have included this with the finger less mitts pattern. If you have already purchased this I have sent out emails to the Etsy buyers with the pattern attached. If you purchased from Ravelry I have sent a pattern update which now has 2 PDF's. If for some reason you haven't received yours please message me so I can send it over.

This month I have also made a Whale inspired baby blanket for a little one who is going to be called Jonah. I'm in the middle of writing up the pattern - and will be adding it to my website soon. It was nice to make a boy's project for a change. This month I am determined to finish designing and creating the last few squares for my Spring Flowers blanket - I think there are about 3 more squares to go. Yay! Don't forget the first 30 squares are still free to download on my website. I've also add a free patterns tab to the menu - the rainbow mitts and cowl patterns are on there. I'm hoping to add extra patterns to that area soon.

Stay safe (and warm!)


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