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Boysenberry Roses

I've just finished this 3D chunky rose blanket. I think the colours are perfect for winter. I used a 4mm hook and stylecraft special dk in Boyseberry, Pale Rose and Cream. The green is Cygnet in Kiwi. The overall blanket is 77cmx77cm.

1. To make the roses I used

2.Then using Kiwi in the middle stitch of each petal I made *(3DCTOG, CH5, 3DCTOG) CH5, then in the next petal SC, CH5. Repeat * around.

3. Using Cream *(3DC, CH2, 3DC) inbetween the 3DCTOG petals . 4DC around the next CH5 space, 4DC around the next CH5 space. Repeat *around.

4. Using Pale Rose *(3DC, CH2 ,3DC) in the corner space , skip 3 stitches, (3DC), skip 3 stitches (3DC), skip 2 stitches (3DC), skip 3 stitches (3DC), skip 3 stitches (3DC). Repeat * around.

5. Using Cream. Join squares together using a flat braid join.

6. Make 2DC in each CH around with (2DC, CH2, 2DC) in the corner spaces.

7. Using Pale Rose. DC in each stitch around with (2DC, CH2, 2DC) in corner spaces.

8. Using Cream. SC in each stitch with (2SC, CH2, 2SC) in corner spaces.

9. With Pale Rose SC in each stitch with (2SC, CH2, 2SC) in the corners.

10. Continuing with Pale Rose (7DC) in corner space, *skip 2 stitches, SC, skip 2 stitches ,(5DC). Repeat* around.

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1 Comment

Stephanie Webb
Stephanie Webb
Sep 07, 2019

It is stunning

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