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Ship Ahoy!

Well after 2 years in the making , I'm pleased to say that my Ship Ahoy! pattern is finally out! To celebrate there's 20% off all my patterns until the end of May. This blanket was a real labour of love. I had a mental block with it half way through and put it to one side and there it remained for several months. My New Year's resolution was to try and finish as many of my unfinished projects as I could this year. (Yes, I know we've all said this before!). The Ship Ahoy blanket was one of those I kept picking up and then stuffing back in my project bag, so I did feel a real sense of achievement when it finally went out to my lovely testers.


Then I finally made my New Arrival blanket - again, another one that I designed a long time ago but never got around to actually making it! This cute little bobble blanket is currently being tested and should be released next month.

Next on my list to finish is my construction blanket - another one I keep doing a bit on and then burying in the back of the cupboard! The back ground squares are all made and I've made a start on the appliques. This one is going to be blue, grey, white with lots of bright yellow construction vehicles. I also planning on adding some brightly coloured road signs.

I designed a place mat and coaster as part of a challenge from Hobbii yarn. The brief title was Home is Where you Craft. I took the title quite literally and decided to create a home place mat. It is also the first time that I tried mosaic crochet which is much easier than it looks!

So here's to another busy month of completing projects and creating new ones!

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