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Catching Up & Spooky Crochet Fun!

It's been a while since I did a blog post - so here is my latest news!

I've been slowly updating my website so its more accessible, I've also added a shop where you can now purchase my patterns direct.

Behind the scenes I've been developing lots of new patterns. Recently I've created the first 3 of my Elements scarves range. I was sponsored by Hobbii to create items based on the elements. I decided to create scarves ; My Inferno scarf is based on the fire element and uses the intarsia technique, I used Hobbii merino and it feels divine. The Breeze scarf based on the air element has different wind swirl patterns created using bobble stitches and finally the Tides scarf which is based on the water element has different ripple stitches to mimic the sea. The 4th one Earth is coming soon!

Well its nearly that time of year again. I don't know about you but I love decorating the house for Halloween! I've created some more crochet patterns for the spooky season. Meet Frank my grumpy looking treat box - I laugh every time I look at him! . To go with my Eyeball Cushion I created small eyeball baskets and an eyeball garland. Plus don't forget my free Pumpkin Stack & Unicorn Pumpkin patterns - you can find them here -

To celebrate my new pattern releases use code HALLOWEEN to get 20% off ALL the patterns in my shop.

I also started to create another Unicorn Dreams blanket - its just one of those projects that brings me a bit of joy. I love seeing all the squares coming together. This time I wanted to create some more extra squares and have less bobble squares. Let me know what other appliques you'd like to see!

Happy crocheting


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