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Cushion Front Done!

These are the new 9 squares for the front of the Unicorn Dreams Cushion. I've tried to use different techniques and ideas so that each square is different. I love that each square also has it's own texture. I've enjoyed designing and making these squares, and learning some new techniques along the way. I'm just creating the back panel then I'll show you the finished cushion in all its glory!

Thank you to those who have sent me photos of their finished UnicornDreams Blanket. I've really enjoyed seeing all of your finished blankets. Each one has been different!

( Also a huge thank you to those who have bought me coffees! They have been massively appreciated!😚).

Lisa x

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Mehreen Khorasanee
Mehreen Khorasanee
Apr 09, 2021

😍plz can you show me how to sew the unicorn onto the granny square .Your talent is amazing n thank you so much for sharing it Mehreen


Has the patterns for the cushion been released anywhere yet


Hi Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your blanket with us, here is my version minus the unicorns ❤️


Thank you Lisa ❤️ for the inspiration many many hours furiously hooking poor kids getting ignored but worth it now to make smaller versions for the younger grandkids,😁


More pretty squares! Waiting patiently for patterns for squares.

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