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Does anybody actually complete all their WIP's?

I am determined that over the next couple of months that I will complete any WIP's I have about. This week I finally finished the Little Box of Crochet's autumn wreath that I started almost 4 years ago. I felt a real sense of achievement as I finished it. ☺(1 WIP done, dozens to go!) It's a lovely pattern by Kate Eastwood (Just Pootling). Those mushrooms are just brilliant!

I also made some small pumpkins using Stylecraft special DK in Spice and one in a silver yarn from B&M stores. The stems are twigs that my daughters found in the park. My daughter add a mod- podge leaf to the pumpkins and curled some copper florist wire for the tendrils. I love them, I think they may stay out long after Halloween. 🎃

I have written up my 2 faced unicorn pumpkin pattern - its on my free pattern tab.

Now which WIP do I tackle next?..........

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Stephanie Webb
Stephanie Webb
Oct 25, 2020

When I first start crocheting I only ever did one thing at a time but several years on I have many WIP,I too have just finished one and am deciding which one to finish next!

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