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Organised Chaos 🧶🧶

My New Year's resolution for this year was to try and finish any WIP's I have and to become more organised. I'm afraid and too embarrassed to count how may partly completed projects I have stashed everywhere. (There are many bags, baskets and too many shelves full to count). Often I am too easily distracted by another project or an idea that springs to mind, and then another WIP transpires.

In an effort to become more organised I have created a monthly task list to complete certain projects and I'm trying hard not to digress from it. This month has been to complete a half finished spring flower blanket that has been lurking in the back of my cupboard for several months. It was nice to cross that one off the list! The majority of the flower patterns are free on my website. The newer flowers I'm in process of writing up. The aim is to put the whole lot in an EBook. (This is my aim for April). I have been back taking photos of flowers I've spotted while walking around my local area. Daffodils and Narcissi flowers are next on my list to make. I'm aiming to have 42 different flower squares. (4 more to design at the moment!)


Another project completed this month was to write up the pattern for my Jonah blanket. I do love how Stylecraft special DK comes in an array of colours, the shades were perfect for the ombre effect I wanted. The pattern is currently being tested by my lovely bunch of testers. It should be available by next month.

Next on the list, to finish the Crochet Now Magazine's Rise and Shine CAL I started.😊

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