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Welcome to the Unicorn Dreams CAL!

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Welcome to my Unicorn Dreams CAL. I was asked so many times for the patterns I used I thought it would be a great idea to share them with everyone.

Firstly I am by no means an experienced pattern writer, but some lovely crocheters on Instagram have been testing my patterns and hopefully now they are all okay. 😊. If you do pick up on any mistakes please let me know.

I will be releasing around 4 patterns a week. Most of the patterns I've made up and you will be able to download them off this site. I will also be putting links to other patterns I've used off the internet and to the two patterns that I purchased. I would love to see your squares as you make them so please share them with #unicorndreamsblanketcal.

Each square will have either 26 -27 stitches on each side, and will measure approx 12cmx12cm when blocked.

Don't worry if some of your squares are slightly smaller the flat braid join I use to join the squares together is very forgiving and great for working with squares that are slightly different.

There are 4 squares for Week 1. 3 of them are my own patterns . The flower one is a free pattern.

I've listed the wool and colours I used in the main post. I'm not sure how much of each colour I used as there were so many different bits. You will need at least 1 ball of each colour and at least 2 balls or more of white. The blanket weighed 970g altogether.

I hope you enjoy this CAL

Lisa x

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