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Welcome to Cute Crochet Makes! As the owner and pattern designer, I’m Lisa, a self-proclaimed crochet addict. I’m passionate about creating fun and modern patterns with a focus on color. From free patterns to my new shop, I want to provide you with the resources to make crochet projects you’ll love and enjoy.

Check out my website to get inspired and find the perfect pattern for you. I look forward to seeing what you create!

Halloween Fun!

Looking for some crochet patterns to make your Halloween decorations extra special? Check out my Halloween Pattern collection! With creepy eyeballs, treat baskets, garlands and even an eyeball cushion, you'll have everything you need to create a spooky and fun atmosphere. 

Dachshund Madness!

I've been designing a lot of dachshunds lately! My daughter is dachshund obsessed so it all started from her. I designed a dachshund cushion for Crochet Now magazine. Then a fun dachshund square for the Hobby Craft CAL 2023 which then lead onto the walkies bag and then the Walkies! blanket. 

I'm excited to release my Walkies! Blanket and Hello Sausage! patterns. They are available in my shop in both US & UK terms.

The Walkies! bag and square can be found here.... 

Keeping Warm 

Winter is the perfect time to get crafty and try your hand at crocheting. I've designed a collection of winter crochet patterns to keep you warm and toasty. My collection includes a range of cowls, scarves, mitts, and fingerless gloves in a variety of colors and styles. 

My latest patterns are the Elements Scarves - Inferno, Tides & Breeze. The Earth scarf is coming soon...

20220817_083942 (1).jpg

New SAFARI blanket pattern out now! 

Image by Ollie Hoolachan

Spring Has Sprung Blanket


This is my latest pattern design. I've never created a filet crochet pattern before so it was a bit of a learning curve. I really enjoyed making this pattern it was so easy to do. I've also made the falling blossom flowers  part of the pattern - so no appliques ! Hope you like it!

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

New Unicorn Dreams Blanket

I made my daughter a slightly different version of the unicorn dreams blanket - less bobble hearts!

Click HERE to view the patterns.